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2023. Far more than an interlude.


My Highlights…

Queen’s Mill Workshops – January

‘The Things They’ve Never Seen’ Re-issue – February

Performed at The Little Bookshop, Leeds - February

Headlined at Howl, York – March

Release of ‘The Art of Being Human’ by Sydney Rose - June

Appeared on Morrissey Central (twice) – July

Began 2nd UK Tour – July

Showpiece event at Queen’s Mill, Castleford – August

Launch of ‘Shutters & Stanzas’ – December


To those who have allowed me to perform this year, I give my sincere thanks. Particularly Verbose, Speak out Scunny and the Little Bookshop. With further thanks to the venues across the country for their support with my tour over the summer.

To the Morrissey Mercury and Yorkshire Arts & Minds, who I have written for this year, it has been a delight. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

With special thanks to Paul Abraham and The James Burke Foundation for our continuous collaborations and the release of ‘Shutters & Stanzas’, this month. It is a pleasure to work alongside you.


Have a safe new year. We can no longer ask for any more.

2024 is the year of the Watercolour.

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