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"I was sixteen when the sun forgot to rise"

"Born and living in West Yorkshire, England, Jacob Davies has become a poet who can reflect the complexities and struggles of living as a young person in confusing times. His acute wit, clarity and ability to articulate the seemingly incomprehensible, sets him apart whilst creating a rare resonance with his audience that brings to the fore the thoughts many have and try to keep hidden.

His poetry is his way of expressing his views, his anger, his incredulity and his complete lack of comprehension over how the world functions today. His first collection ‘The Things They’ve Never Seen’ has accumulated much praise and intrigue from his growing numbers of supporters who appreciate his red raw honesty and openness.

Jacob's second collection, a stunning compilation of grief, tragedy and hope, was released in June 2022. 'Every Night is November' has been met with great esteem by fans and critics alike.

Jacob continues to work on future projects" 

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