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Jacob Davies is a poet and writer from West Yorkshire. His poetry has been described as passionate, confessional and raw, whilst maintaining a cryptic and abstract core. His acute wit, clarity and ability to articulate the seemingly incomprehensible has set him apart from his peers, with his two published collections of poetry ‘The Things They’ve Never Seen’ & ‘Every Night is November’ creating a real resonance with his audience.

Jacob is unapologetically transparent in his work, with his work his way of expressing his views, his anger, his incredulity and his complete lack of comprehension over how the world functions today. Citing his main influences as Morrissey, Anne Sexton Patti Smith and Stuart Murdoch, Jacob’s poetry boasts a strong rhythmic and physical quality, adding further force to the words he writes.

He regularly performs his work live across the UK, and continues to work on future projects. Aside from his own ventures, he is a proud editor and writer for other artists, and is a regular article writer for publications such as ‘Yorkshire Arts & Minds’ and ‘The Morrissey Mercury’

Some of the publications Jacob has written for;

Yorkshire Arts & Minds

Knockabout World

The Morrissey Mercury

Bristol Shakespeare Festival

Other Projects;

Editor of poetry collection 'The Art of Being Human' (2023)

Songwriter for Frans van Essen

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