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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Hello my friends, and my foes.

This week, (more specifically Saturday 4th December 2021), marks one year since my book 'The Things They've Never Seen', splattered into the world with triumph and disarray. I assure you, it's as confusing and strange for me, as it is confusing and meaningless for you for my debut published work to tiredly reach it's first anniversary.

'The Things They've Never Seen' will always be incredibly significant to me. It represents a time and a place so strong and raw I can still today feel it's weight sit on my shoulders. Yet, it represents a time and a place which has now sailed away. It serves to present in pages all that was real for me, and was the screaming calling card of absolute capitulation.

It is now exclusively available from my website, and can for this week only, be purchased for the heavily discounted price of £1.50. It is the perfect stocking filler for all who you despise, so I recommend you buy quite a few.

Very limited stocks remain, and the ones that are printed shall be the last.

Nevertheless, a search for a future where all is well continues, with my new release set to crash-land in around six months time. I simply cannot wait. It is everything to me.

I am working incredibly hard for the presentation and formatting to match the quality of the words on the page.

Stick around for more updates, but until then, here is a poem which is to be included in that piece of work....



There is something so very strange

About people who are happy

Tell me now with certainty

Have you yet met Jenny?

She is such wonderful company, with her expensive lipstick

And sad heavy eyes, that hang like a beagle’s

She’ll explain to you how

Happiness is for normal people

Normal people

With dreams and ambitions

Haircuts and wishes

And wonky satellite dishes

Have you yet met Jenny?

And told her all about who I am

Teased by my own existence and

The world’s least wanted man

There is no finer therapy than bad singing

I am sure she is the very best there is

Go, go, spread your wings and be free

Watch sadness ripple, as bubbles fizz

Have you yet met Jenny?

As you said so often you would

And told her about who I am

The boy with the crooked back, living in the mud

Last night was the worst of my life

As all my worries and pains were realised

By thrilling colours of moving motorways dreams, where

The compressed pain of a heart is illuminated, and emphasised

I can’t afford to go to the opticians

In case they make me see things clearly

Tell me the future we planned is true, give me some hope

Have you yet met Jenny?

Last night was the worst of my life

As all my worries and pains were realised

In the shape of the legless trauma

That floated above me, in the sky

I heard that, just last week

You had quite the encounter with Jenny

It has come with pain, yet little surprise

To know you never mentioned me

I heard that, just last week

You confessed your love to Jenny

There is something so very strange

About people who are happy.


Thank you for reading. Feedback and shares are appreciated as always.

In comforting fear,


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