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Announcing Jacob Davies’ brand new poetry collection, set to release on Friday June 3rd.

The book features over eighty poems, and shows countless examples of Jacob’s natural storytelling abilities, unique characters, humorous wit and sharp couplets. It is dark, gloomy and enigmatic, whilst bringing a sense of hope, warmth and comfort to readers.

It is available to pre-order now, from

Half of all profits made from pre-orders will go to the appeal in Ukraine, and animal rights charities.

“It is the pinnacle of writing career, and of my life. The book is my offering to others like me, who know how and why every night is November. I have put everything into this collection of work. Everything I am is in this book. It is me.”

Re-visit this page in the weeks leading up to launch, for preview poems, reviews & recorded video versions of poems within the book.

Until then, here is a video recording of brand-new poem ‘Don’t mess with Juliet’. Feedback and shares are appreciated.

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